Inclusive Europe

  • Improve the image of older people and promote a more positive vision of ageing.
  • Active participation of older people by co-determination and recognition of their achievements in society.
  • To overcome age discrimination and realisation of solidarity and justice between generations.
  • Extensive fight against poverty and social exclusion.

Social economy

  • Looking beyond quantitative measures of social and economic interactions.
  • A mix of Keynesian and Schumpeterian policies as an alternative to neo-liberal economics.
  • Promotion of work and employment for older persons, strengthening of employment rights and a human migration policy.
  • Support challenging stable jobs for older workers.
  • Fundamental right of an old age in material security and secured purchasing power of the pensions.

Social welfare

  • No “Two-Class-Medicine” – medical care independent of age and status.
  • High quality affordable long term care.
  • Securing mobility and new accommodation forms for senior citizens.
  • Promote accessibility in all areas to support independent living.
  • Support the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities as a tool to adapt urban spaces to the needs of the EU’s ageing populations.

Long life learning

  • Proper access to knowledge, education, further training, culture and information.
  • Make appropriate use of the knowledge, experience and know-how of older generations by promoting intergenerational learning and exchange at work.
  • Foster informal and non-formal learning for all in order to facilitate their active participation in society.